In order to secure my services on a particular date for special occasions, photo shoots or weddings, a signed or email contract is required with a non refundable booking fee at the time of booking. This fee varies depending on the type of make-up service but for weddings a £75 fee is charged for bookings of 3 people or more people. A date is only secure once deposit/booking fee has been made. A wedding date will be reserved for 7 days, in which time if no deposit is received the date will automatically be reopened and available to other clients.


Quotations for any booking are free to obtain and are under no obligation to book.


Booking times


A start and end time will be agreed between the client and Amy Collins Make-up Artist. Each make-up generally requires a certain length of time to be finished to a high standard, the usual timeframe is between 30mins to 90mins per person , depending on style and technicality of make-up design. When reserving your date please book accordingly .Any additional make-up needs outside the contract will only be performed at the discretion of the MUA. All persons involved in make-up appointments need to be available at the scheduled time of said appointment, in order to not break the contract, if a client is late this will be subtracted from their appointment time.




Trial make-up is available for services that do not include one. An additional trial make-up service is limited to 2 hours, after which you will be charged at £40/hour. Please get in touch 48 hours in advance to reschedule a trial should you not be able to attend, otherwise it will be counted as a missed appointment and added to the final balance.


Travel charges


A fee will be charged for locations outside a 20 miles radius of s65qw. The amount charged is currently 45p per mile, this is subject to annual increase due to fuel price inflation. All costs for travel to a booked event are to be paid by the client. Costs may include, but not limited to airfare,hotel, transportation and parking.


Payment for wedding make-up


After the initial deposit/booking fee. A payment schedule will be decided between Amy Collins and the client on an individual basis per booking. However all wedding bookings that are paid via bank transfer , final payments must be received at least 48hours prior to the wedding date.

Cash payments are acceptable on the wedding morning , providing at least 50% of the overall booking has been prepaid 48hours before the wedding date.


Cancellation policy


Amy Collins Makeup Artist reserves the right to terminate this contract for any non-compliance of terms, contract will become void and all monies given will be non refundable. The booking cannot be changed after the artist/s arrives for the appointment. If Amy Collins can no longer perform services for any reason, she will provide a recommendation for a replacement make-up artist, it is at the clients discretion whether they go ahead with the replacement make-up artist.


Client agrees that the refund of 100% of booking fee/deposit in the instance Amy Collins MUA has to cancel is only liable to Amy Collins MUA and cannot recover costs for third party suppliers such as additional mua fees that have been prepaid.


In the event of a client cancelling their booking entirely or in part due to sickness, accident, acts of god, dissolution of engagement, nationwide or global pandemics such as Covid-19 , the following terms will apply;

Any monies paid in addition to the non- refundable deposit, will be refunded as shown.

If trials or other services have been rendered between the initial booking and the cancellation, these will be charged at full rate as per the usual costing and are not applicable for refund. Trials are non refundable.


  • 6 months or more notice of cancellation, a 75% refund will be issued of any money paid excluding services already provided.
  • 3-6 months notice of cancellation , a 50% refund will be issued of any money paid excluding services already provided
  • Less then 3 months notice of cancellation is NOT eligible for a Refund of any monies paid in advance of appointment .If client has not already paid for her bridal party by this point, a £10 cancellation fee is due per person cancelled from the original booking.




If a wedding booking is postponed, the original deposit/booking fee is non refundable, and an additional £50 admin fee is applicable if the rearranged date should fall more then 3 months after the original booking date.

If an event make-up such as prom is postponed, the original deposit is transferable within a 30 day period, however any date outside this agreed timeframe is subject to another deposit to secure the date.


Covid -19 update.


During these unprecedented times . If your booking has been affected or postponed due to Covid19, I, Amy Collins, reserve the right to waiver a postponement admin fee,  upon proof that your booking was postponed due to the pandemic . Normal cancellation policy will apply during this time , as outlined in cancellation section of these terms and conditions.




All brushes, tools and make-up products are kept sanitary and are sanitised between every makeup application . Any skin condition should be reported by the client to the make-up artist prior to application, and on request  , a sample test of make-up may be performed on the skin to test reaction at least 48 hours before the make-up appointment.


Amy Collins Make-up Artists , reserves the right to not go ahead with make-up application if the client appears to or has previously declared  has a skin condition that could be contagious or compromise the sanitary conditions of the make-up products.


Client(s) agree to release the make-up artist from liability for any skin complications due to allergic reactions.




Client agrees to full use of photograph and/or photographs taken during or after the make-up services provided by Amy Collins Makeup Artist to be used for :

  1. Make-up artists portfolio
  2. Promotional images such as adverting and social media

Consent will be given verbally at the time of the booking. A client is free to decline photographs.